The organization named as Forum for Change of the System of Governance was set up in a meeting of seven persons held on 22 January 2006 at Patna. For clarity, the name was slightly modified as Forum for Change of the System of Governance of India (FCSGI). The attendees of the meeting founder members of FCSGI constituted its Core Group. In the second meeting of the Core Group a held on 29 Nov’ 2009 office bearers of FCSGI were elected from amounst its members. Presently, the Core Group and the Office bearers of FCSGI stand as follows:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. M. Mohinddin, Former Vice-Chancellor, Patna University President
2. Dr. I.C.Kumar, Former IAS & Vice-Chancellor, V.K.S University Vice President- cum-Treasurer
3. Dr. S. N. P. Sinha, Former Vice-Chancellor, Patna University Member
4. Dr. R. K. Mahto, Member Former Vice-Chancellor, Magadh University Member
5. Dr. T. Prasad, Former Principal, Bihar College Of Engineering (Now NIT, Patna) Secretary-cum-Convener
6. Shri Bhairav Lal Das, Reporter, Bihar Legislative Council Joint Secretary

As has been indicated in the Road Map for executing the campaign, the task is to be carried out in two distinct, sequential and interactive phases. The first phase, which is aimed at awareness, education and motivation of the people about the rationale, need and action program of the campaign, is to be accomplished by FCSGI. As the program of action will be nationwide, FCSGI has to have a national coverage and presence. Keeping this in view, it is planned to have an office of FCSGI in every block of the country, called the Circle Office. Apart from the central office and circle offices of FCSGI, there will be Area Offices to be set up at either district level or Lok Sabha constituency level. For state level co-ordination of FCSGI activities, there will be state offices in each of the state capitals.
The Constitution of FCSGI is in the process of active thinking, evolution and formulation. Hence the organizational structure of FCSGI will be firmed up accordingly.

A Savings Bank Account of the Forum in the name of Forum for Change of the System of Governance has been opened at State Bank of India, Shrikrishnapuri, Patna Branch, to be operated jointly by the Treasurer and the Secretary of FCSGI.


Each Circle Office of FCSGI will have three primary functions to perform, (i) to set up a circle level Forum with membership of persons qualifying for the same, (ii) to organize village level and at other unit level meetings in order to make people aware, educated and motivated about the aims and objects of FCSGI, and (iii) to act as a link between the central office of FCSGI and intellectuals and people of the circle concerned. Apart from these primary functions, it will be engaged in other secondary, incidental and related functions such as fund raising and literature distribution.

At the central level, FCSGI office has to carry out the following functions, (i) to direct, supervise and guide the activities as well as administrative and financial matters of all circle, area and state level offices of FSGI, (ii) to provide various types of inputs such as policy level, ideological, financial etc. to the circle, area and state level offices,(iii) to constantly interact with the circle, area and state level offices for firming up the activities of FCSGI based on the feedback, and (iv) to carry out research and studies in various disciplines concerned with the aims and objects of the campaign, such as economics, social sciences, political science, and engineering sciences in order to both get a keener, deeper and analytical understanding of contemporary India’s problems and events as well as to further firm up the ideological base of the campaign and to design the details of the changed system of governance.