Various activities to be undertaken in the first phase of the campaign under FCSGI may be grouped in two categories:

Firming up the ideological base of the campaign through facts, figures, historical accounts and their analysis. Panel discussions, workshops and discussion groups may be organized for the purpose. These activities will be executed in and by the central office of FCSGI as well as at other places in collaboration with relevant organizations with support of the field offices of FCSGI.
Dissemination, awareness, education and motivation activities through various means such as print and audio-visual media, internet, telephone/mobile as well as direct contact with people through meetings and conferences.

The ideological base of the campaign has been inspired primarily by sensitiveness to awareness and experiences of various life and societal situations undergone over a long period of time – of several decades. In particular, critical study of the accounts of Indian freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi’s unique understanding of what ailed the colonial India, what needs to be done to cure India of this ailment, what freedom of India meant to him and should mean to all concerned with India’s pitiable condition and of course how it can be effectively achieved have played a dominant role in the evolution of the ideas that inform this campaign. These ideas have been further strengthened by observation and experience at close quarters of the system of governance prevailing in a truly democratic country like the USA, which confirms that Gandhi’s prescription for system of governance of free India is a well functioning system in the USA.

The ideological base of the campaign evolved as indicted above will be further and continuously firmed up by means of the first category activities. Already some activities in this category, such as an Open Conference of Intellectuals on Governance for Free India held at Taramandal auditorium at Patna in September 2010 and a Discussion Group held on 26 February 2011 at A. N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna have been organized with useful exchange of notes with the participants. Many such Workshops, Discussion Groups, Panel Discussions and interactive sessions will be organized in different parts of the country and amongst diverse groups of people.
As far as activities of the second category are concerned, they are aimed at disseminating the ideas and ideological base of the campaign to the people living in villages, towns and cities, i.e. to the citizens of India in general so that they are made aware of this view about the nation’s grave problems and deplorable situation affecting their life and living, get educated about various aspects of the campaign including the road map and finally to get motivated to play their essential role in bringing about the desired change and take this campaign to its destination. In the existing scheme of things as well as in the campaign’s line of action, it is the people who are real agents of change. Through this campaign, the people are to be enabled for the purpose.
Execution of these activities will be tremendously facilitated by astounding developments in information technology and communication. All the media of communication, such as print media (books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets), audio-visual media (radio, TV), electronic media (computer, internet, telephone, mobile) and of course direct contacts with people through small and large meetings will be utilized for the purpose. Several such meetings have been held so far.

As part of these activities, the present Web Page has been launched. This Web Page will be continuously improved, updated and enlarged.

An organ paper of FCSGI is also being planned to be periodically published soon in Hindi and English to start with. Later on it will be published in various regional languages. Through this organ paper, people will be informed and educated about various aspects of the campaign and its activities.
At a suitable stage during execution of the first phase, the second phase of the campaign consisting of political action will be launched. While a substantial base in terms of education and motivation of the people of India will have been achieved by then, the activities of the first phase will continue with FCSGI serving as a think tank to guide and support the political action.