Call for action

Call for Action– Join hands

People of India who appreciate the rationality and logic of the ideological base of this campaign as a historically valid way to emancipate our country from the state of utter degradation it has come to since independence and are willing to play their legitimate role in the challenging task to take it to its rightful destination of peace and prosperity commensurate with its genius, cultural heritage and resources, are called upon to contribute their mite in the endeavor. At this stage, they can do so in the following ways:

      • By becoming a member of FCSGI for this a Membership Form if to be submitted for which an annual membership fee which is presently Rs. 100.00 (Rs. One hundred only) is to be paid. Click here to Download the Membership Form.
        A member is expected to take part in both the categories of activities, i.e., activities related to firming up the ideological base of the campaign as well as dissemination, awareness, education and motivation regarding ideas, ideologies and programs of FCSGI. He or she can do this under the auspices of a Circle, Area, State or Central office of FCSGI of his/her choice and convenience. Guidelines and materials for such activities will be sent to the respective FCSGI offices from time to time.
      • By making a donation/contribution of funds to FCSGI to support its activities.It may be appreciated that a large amount of financial and other resources will be needed to carry out both the phases of this campaign in order to bring it to its logical conclusion and the desired destination, which is supplanting the existing system of governance with the changed and desired one. These resources have to come from the people to carry forward the campaign on a sustainable basis. Given the validity of the ideological base of the campaign, undiluted commitment and sincerity of purpose for the task as well as receptivity and responsiveness of the Indian people, an all out support of the people for this campaign with action and resources can reasonably be expected and depended on.Those who would like to make a donation/contribution for this campaign may send it by a cheque/draft made payable to Forum for Change of the System of Governance at Patna along with the Donation/Contribution Form , duly filled in, attached herewith.