FCSGI has been regularly writing blog posts on Blogs on topics directly relevant to various aspects of the campaign for change of the system of governance of India since May 2009. For this purpose, two Blogs have so far been created, one on Understanding Contemporary India and Its Problems started on 8 May 2009 and concluded on 15 August, 2010 with thirteen articles on different topics related to the theme of the Blog posted almost monthly, and the other on Emergence of a New India started subsequently on 2 October 2010 with six articles so far (up to September 2011) posted and still continuing. Synoptic details of these two Blogs are given below:

Understanding Contemporary India and Its Problems (

The scene and situation of contemporary India present different pictures – positive, negative and in between – to different people depending on their own situation, perception and experience. Correspondingly, its problems and prospects are also viewed differently. This blog is devoted to presenting various aspects of contemporary India so that it can emerge in a right perspective through an interactive exercise of articles by a perceptive blogger and comments and views by all concerned.

Sl.No. Title Date Published
1. India’s Illusion of Democracy -1 May 8, 2009
2. India’s Illusion of Democracy -2 June 8, 2009
3. Reality of India’s Sovereignty July 9, 2009
4. Secularism in the Indian Republic August 9, 2009
5. What Happened to India’s Socialism? September 9, 2009
6. Is India a True or Ideal Republic? October 11, 2009
7. Culture of Corruption in Public Life In Contemporary India November 9, 2009
8. Insurgency and Other Disruptive Forces Crippling India December 12, 2009
9. Emergence, Prevalence and Perpetuation of Poverty in India January 9, 2010
10. Synoptic Politico-Economic View of Contemporary India February 11, 2010
11. Analysis of Politico-Economic Situation of India- Where Did It Go Off-track March 15, 2010
12. Analysis of Politico-Economic Situation of India- How the Indian Republic Went Off-track April 24, 2010
13. The Off-track Journey of the Indian Republic August 15, 2010


Emergence of a New India (

Through various posts in the previous Blog titled “Understanding Contemporary India and its Problems”, we have seen that all our constitutional declarations and aspirations have remained mere illusions. Also, various problems affecting the body politic of India such as political immorality, corruption, poverty and insurgency have assumed alarming proportions. Under the current Blog, a way out of the terrible mess that the nation has descended into will be discussed through various posts.

Sl.No. Title Date Published
1. A Vital ad Essential Step for Emergence of a New India October 2, 2010
2. System of Governance for a New India November 18, 2010
3. Vision of India with the Changed System of Governance in Place January 11, 2011
4. Road Map for Bringing About Changed System of Governance In India March 20, 2011
5. Who Will Bring About Changed System of Governance for India? July 5, 2011
6. Independence Day of India- A Retrospection August 17, 2011