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हिन्दी रूपांतरण

Forum for Change of the System of Governance of India (FCSGI) has been brought into being on the premise that all the vital problems afflicting India such as degradation of politics and political morality; corruption in public life; poverty as well as the increasing gap between the rich and the poor; and social unrest and insurgency are generated by the system of governance free India adopted for managing its affairs. This system is essentially the same as the one the British had designed and instituted for exploiting and degrading a colony. Unless this system is changed and supplanted by a system which Mahatma Gandhi had advocated for all along till literally the last day of his life, which is truly democratic and where sovereignty of the nation really lies with its people, India’s efforts to overcome these problems are bound to fail, as they have in the past. Once this change is brought about, India will not only be free of these debilitating problems, a new India will emerge on the world stage commensurate with her genius, resources and thousands of years of her rich culture. The task is no doubt challenging but perfectly doable in the modern world blessed with astounding developments in science and technology, particularly in the areas of information and communication.FCSGI has been conceived as an organizational agency committed towards this mission. Read  First issue of Rashtriya Sankalp (PDF File).

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